Think out of the Crowd


Projects and Experiences


Partners and Participations

“DotConnector helps TMG with its Video Portal ambitions”

“UNGA works with DotConnector, developing Retail Loyalty Promotions”

“DotConnector is partner in launching the MovieMoments Platform”

“DotConnector advises Gaia Zoo, increasing Awareness & Visitors”

“Touch works with DotConnector, innovating Incentive Marketing”

“DotConnector and Canenco develop tailor-made Retail Merchandise”

“DotConnector participates in Circus Patz, turning Stories into Franchises”

“DotConnector develops business with Alternative Investments Company”

“DotConnector helps Corendon, innovating Inflight Entertainment”

  • TMG
  • UNGA
  • MovieMoments
  • Gaia Zoo
  • Touch
  • Canenco
  • Circus Patz
  • AIC
  • Corendon